NFT minting and listing made free: CryptDash’ play to earn

In the rapidly expanding sectors of blockchain, gaming and NFTs, a hybrid player brings big advantages. And the biggest winner is the end user.

NFTs are all the rage and marketplaces have seen massive growth this year. OpenSea has seen just under $3 billion in sales over the past 30 days. But it’s not just the biggest player seeing all of the action. In fact, according to DappRadar, there are now 15 marketplaces seeing over $1 million in monthly trading. If you think cryptocurrency is like the Internet in 1998, then consider for a moment where NFTs are. The potential for growth ahead is massive — in fact, it looks more like the internet of 1994. Entering this space can be challenging, but there are two positives to look at this from an investor perspective. First of all, there is a lot of real estate left to take over. The market remains very new, and there is no established “king of the mountain” in gaming NFTs yet. Furthermore, CryptDash brings two advantages to the game that gives it an edge over other platforms. In each case, the winner is the user.

In this blog, we break down the two advantages CryptDash brings you whether you consider yourself a user, holder, investor, trader, creator or gamer.

No-Fee Minting

NFTs are a new and extremely popular medium for monetization of art and other digital collectibles. By removing the middleman, for the first time an international pool of liquidity has been created where artists and creators and their collectors and investors can connect. Because they are decentralized, users can use cryptocurrency to buy and sell NFTs without the barriers of international borders. This is done through cryptocurrencies like Ethereum on NFT marketplaces.

However, the biggest complaint from NFT creators is fees — the often costly and sometimes prohibitive fees for minting. In some high fee times, there is even a running joke — it’s a W if the NFT sold for more than the fees.

CryptDash solves this with our innovative NFT marketplace.

CryptDash creates a great way for the average user who doesn’t own cryptocurrency (or who does) to create and mint an NFT with any media piece for free. CryptDash addressed high gas fees issues in two ways. First by adopting the BSC network and polygon layer two solution. Additionally, a fee is charged on the sale of your NFT.

This method is a game-changer for an NFT platform.


This is an increasingly popular method of gaming, for many reasons. First of all, gaming as an industry is expanding into an industry capable of rivaling other traditional sports. Another reason is the explosion of two phenomena in our society — side hustles and increased time on gaming/entertainment. As the world goes more digital, these trends are increasing. When they can be combined into one the real fire ignites — playing a game that you are good at, and you can earn money for doing so. This is fun and rewarding for competitors in developed economies across the world.

But this has even more significance for the growing numbers of internet, mobile and cryptocurrency users across the developing world. This also happens to be the area where there is the most projected growth of these sectors over the next decade, as billions more connect in. In some nations, there have been many instances of individuals winning far more in play-to-earn models than they do at an average day job. The potential for user engagement is huge.

CryptDash builds this into its dynamic ecosystem. It supplies an addictive mobile runner game that features cool graphics, smooth gameplay and a crypto economy complete with NFT digital assets.

Users can play and level up their NFT characters in several play modes. Single-player mode is where they test their skills. In multiplayer mode they compete against other players to earn rewards: CDash tokens and rare NFTs.

The ecosystem allows users to further grow their assets by staking their GFTS tokens and NFTs. These NFTs can of course also be sold on the NFT marketplace as their value increases.

Are you Ready To Earn?

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